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Handshake-Gate: Harbaugh vs. Schwartz

The 49ers handed the Lions their first loss of the season yesterday. After the game was over, the two coaches, both named Jim, went to shake hands.

Let’s just say Jim S was not happy with how Jim H handled himself.

Check out the video of the interaction, which begins after Harbaugh’s handshake and shove of Schwartz (Schwartz later explained that Harbaugh yelled an expletive). Schwartz appears to go after Harbaugh for an explanation (probably something along the lines of, “What the f@%#, dude?) and that’s what things got craaaazzzzyyyy….

Both of these coaches are passionate and  that is part of what makes them successful. However, Harbaugh has a history of getting into it with other coaches (Peter Carroll) and Schwartz has a history of being….emotional? (I have noticed he likes to yell and throw around the f bomb on the sideline).

NFL Spokesperson Greg Aiello confirmed on Monday that the league is looking into possibly disciplining the two head coaches under the league’s personal-conduct policy. Afte rall, the handshake is supposed to be a sign of sportsmanship.

I can’t wait to see what they say but I hope the description of the offense includes the word “douchebag” in it.

So who acted more inappropriately: Harbaugh or Schwartz?

(It should be noted that Harbaugh also challenged a play in the first quarter that was NOT subject for review).

About gridirongirlnextdoor

Kristine Reese is a sports fan living in New York City.

4 Responses to “Handshake-Gate: Harbaugh vs. Schwartz”

  1. It’s hard to take sides on this one, principally because none of us heard the exact words spoken between the coaches. However, there is a different camera angle that shows after the handshake/back slap Schwartz says something to Harbaugh, then good old Captain Comeback looks back over his shoulder, mouths off, and then Schwartz goes after him. From this speculative perspective and the after that Harbaugh should have been professional from the beginning, I’ll lay the blame Jimmy.


    • Yeah I think they were definitely both in the wrong and they both need to set better examples but Im tending towards looking at what Harbaugh did/said and saying it was inappropriate. I probably would have reacted similar to Schwartz but that doesn’t make it right. I wish the league would have done something. A better example HAS To be set for the players.

      • I’m surprised both coaches weren’t penalized, not because they should have been but because of Goodell’s track record of over extending his authority into personal conduct matters (specifically off the field). This happened on field which is why i am really surprised. I like the passionate display and Schwartz would have ended up looking better if he had kept his cool and let it slide. Afterall, they’re still having a pretty kick ass season and the game was close. He shot himself in the PR foot by reacting as he did.

  2. I just recently found out, Jim Harbaugh (my dad) played under Schwartz at the Ravens if that means anything. Anyway, he is the kind of person who has dedicated his life completely to the game. He used to tell me “I observe no holidays and take no vacations.” and “attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” So you must understand that he is obviously very enthusiastic about a win (especially over a team that had not yet lost a game) He gave Mr. Schwartz a very firm handshake (as he usually does with most people) and gave him a pat on the back, which he admitted was a bit too hard. From my point of view Schwartz was facing the other way so he may have thought he was getting shoved. I don’t believe it was anyones intention to start a ‘fight” if you can even call it that. The point is the 49ers and the Lions played a great game.

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