The ESPY Awards: The Good, The Bad and Brian Wilson

The ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards were presented Wednesday night in Los Angeles.  The event celebrates athletes, recognizes achievements and reflects on the best of the past 12 months in sports.  The ESPYs were created by ESPN.

This is my second time watching the event.  While I enjoyed the awards, I also noticed a few other things.  This is in no way a serious recap.  If you are looking for one of those, I would like to direct you here or here.  In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite (or least favorite, in some cases) things:

Brian Wilson. Stop. You are hurting my eyes. As if that ridiculous beard wasn’t enough..

You know what would have been truly shocking? If he showed up looking good.

And…a Cougar cane, huh?  He obviously thinks he is Lady Gaga.  (Here are a few more photos).

Brooklyn Decker: SI Supermodel Brooklyn Decker (and wife to tennis star Andy Roddick) was best dressed of the night for me in this number by Jay Ahr. I give her the award because she was effortless from head to toe.  This kind of look suits the event.  Also, she is stunningly gorgeous and very charming.

Michelle Beade.  Looking fierce, Beadle! Runner up.  I love that she went with a knee length dress.  Knee length is a bit more modern than a full length gown and also more appropriate for the event.

Serena Williams: WOW! I guess tennis does a body good.  Check out pics of Serena working it in her dress and sky-high Louboutin glitter heels.

Accesories (On guys!): Lots of them. I like it. Arian Foster and Kemba Walker all represented the bowtie trend while Amare Stoudemire and Cam Newton sported the geek glasses.

3 piece suits were also popular. Blake Griffin and Clay Matthews lead the way on this trend.

Overall Fashion

  • Erin Andrew and Michelle Beadle (who I have alrready mentioned) both wore shorter, knee length dresses. I thought that ladies looked great and fashionable.  As I said before, the knee length dress is more fun, youthful and fresh than a full length gown that will see on so many award shows.  Nice work, ladies (I didn’t love the bow on Erin’s dress..but that’s my only criticism).
  • Hannah Storm looked nice and appropriate for her, although I dont think a necklace was necessary with her sparkly dress. As Coca says, take off one thing before you leave the house….
  • Jenn Brown is beautiful; Gorgeous face and smile but that dress is just not my taste.  A little sparkle is nice but something about the fit was off for me and on camera you mostly see the waist up.  I think she needed one more visit to the tailor.
  • Amare Stoudemire  looked like a total stud.  Come on! Nailed it.
  • Aaron Rodgers: Need a say more? On full awesome display in a sleek black suit.  I prefer him clean shaven but I’m still not complaining.
  • Tim Tebow also looked great and very on trend.  The checkered shirt is everywhere right now.
  • I loved Adrian Pederson’s suit.
  • Justin Beiber should have been dressed a little bit nicer.  This is not the teen choice awards, Beibs. Selena got that memo.
  • Other notable fashion: Kerry Washington (always looking gorge), Lindsey Vonn (loved her dress) and Maria Sharapova.  Tennis ladies rocked in general.

Flowers: Baby’s breath with white roses lined the pre-show desk for Michael Wilbon and Jon Barry.  Baby’s breath went out with the 1990’s.  Don’t ever do this again, ESPN. Ever.

Justin Beiber: Why is he even at the ESPY’s?

Ryan Reynolds can show up anytime he wants, however.

The Dallas Mavericks were the talk of the night and Dirk Nowitzki was the star.  I don’t know how you can’t like Dirk and I was incredibly happy for him.  I definitely thought that the Packers should have won Best Team but the Dallas Mavericks story is a special one.  We are all rooting for this team.

Comedy: While many people cracked jokes about how Seth Myers wasn’t funny I CAN tell you that it was a whole lot funnier than anything on the Oscars!  I personally enjoyed the Blake Griffin/Kevin Love skit but that whole Justin Timberlake/Aaron Rodgers thing was just like every episode of SNL….A big fat #fail. (I don’t blame you, Aaron). 

Other thoughts: 

  • The intros to each category were rather long. Nice display of computer graphics but unnecessarily lengthy.
  • The Arthur Ashe Award Presentation featured a documentary about Dewey Bozella, a man who spent over half of his life in prison for a murder he did not commit. It was unbelievably touching and if you missed the broadcast, I recommend you try to find it online.
  • The 2011 Jimmy V Award was presented to Division I National Wrestling Champion Anthony Robles.  It was another powerful and emotional moment.

Here is a list of last night’s winners (There were many awards given prior to last night’s show):

Best Breakthrough Athlete Blake Griffin (L.A.  Clippers)
Best Championship Performance Tim Thomas (Boston Bruins)
Best Upset VCU
Best Male College Athlete Jimmer Fredette
Best Male Athlete Dirk Nowitzki
Best Female Athlete Lyndsay Vonn
Best Game Eagles vs.  Giants
Best Play Abby Wambach (U.S.  Women’s Soccer Team)
Best NBA Player Dirk Nowitzki
Best NFL Player Aaron Rodgers
Best Driver Jimmie Johnson
Best NHL Player Tim Thomas
Best Comeback Player Mark Herzlich
 Best Team Dallas Mavericks

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One thought on “The ESPY Awards: The Good, The Bad and Brian Wilson

  1. Arjun Chandrasekhar
    Twitter: arjunc12

    some scattered thoughts…

    -i know brooklyn can look hot in anything but good god was she STUNNING last night!!! everything about that outfit is perfect!! i love how simple yet elegant and chic that leather dress is, and the shoes match so perfectly. it’s absolutely gorgeous. two thumbs way up to her designer.

    -i agree with you on every single other dress (especially beadle and serena williams – my oh my did serena put on a show for everyone to see!) except jenn brown. i like that she went for a more risque look, it definitely fits with her. maybe she overdid the sparkles a little but i didn’t have any major problems with it.

    -go away justin bieber; just go away. and please ESPN, stop fawning over him like you’re MTV or Disney Channel. it kills what little credibility you had

    -loved reynolds, he totally nailed all his interviews/appearances. this guy has the potential to be a much bigger star than he is, i think hollywood needs to get him in some better movies.

    -all of the male athletes were fantastically dressed. blake griffin, tim tebow, aaron rodgers, and arian foster were all fly but amare stoudemire took the cake. great suit, and he pushed it over the top by rocking the urkel-style glasses. paul newman would be proud of his jewish swag.

    -seth myers gets a C+ for his hosting job, and whoever thought of that kissing couple skit gets an F-. total disaster, just an incredibly awkward and poorly-conceived idea.

    i agree, i LOVED the blake griffin and kevin love skit, although it could’ve been even better. let tyson chandler (and his 7-1 frame) tag team with griffin in the “helping people to reach tall places” department, then kevin love can help people get over breakups – i mean aren’t there at least a million jokes kevin could’ve made about grabbing the rebound? lol

    -great work overall kristine, you totally need to do this for the oscars!

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