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The Best Athletes to Follow on Twitter

I started making a list of my favorite athletes to follow on Twitter and I asked my followers to share some of their favorites.  The response I got was unbelievable and I am so excited to share what I found.  This is by no means a FINAL list.  I will definitely be following up in a month with some more not-to-be missed athletes on Twitter.  Please let me know if there is someone you recommend.

Chad OchoCinco @ochocinco : (Wide Receiver, Bengals) When it comes to athletes on Twitter, Ochocinco is king.  Ochocinco’s timeline includes everything but the kitchen sick: daily workout updates, pop culture commentary  and regular engagement with his followers.  He currently has over 2 million Twitter followers, the 6th highest number among athletes, and the highest among NFL athletes.

Logan Morrison @LoMoMarlins : (Left Fielder, Florida Marlins) You may not be that familiar with Morrison as a player, but he is becoming very well-known for his tweets.  In fact, LoMo has had his wrist slapped a few times by Marlins ownership for his Twitter habits.  Logan is becoming a must-follow for his sense of humor and his willingness to completely open himself to his fans.

Shaq @SHAQ : (Retired NBA Star, Rapper, Actor in the smash hit Kazaa) First of all, how do you not love this guy? Shaq totally gets that fans want to see videos and converse.  For an close-up of Shaq’s Twitter style, just read his profile: “VERY QUOTATIOUS, I PERFORM RANDOM ACTS OF SHAQNESS.”

Aaron Rodgers @AaronRodgers12 : (Quaterback, Green Bay Packers) The first athlete I ever followed on Twitter, and one of my favorite players in the league. He is very funny and I enjoy reading his tweets.  Seriously, is there anything this guy DOESN’T do?

Devin and Jason McCourty @McCourtyTwins : (Devin: Cornerback, New England Patriots; Jason: Cornerback, Tennessee Titans) The only twins in the National Football League are two adorable, super nice and super hilarious guys that you need to follow.  They always sign out of their tweets with (J-Mac) or (D-Mac) so that you know which is which.  Funny part is, they are likely sitting right next to each other.  Good times.  Must follow.

Jayson Werth’s Beard @JWerthsBeard : (Right Fielder, Washington Nationals) Okay, so this is not ACTUALLY Jayson Werth. It’s still verrrryy funny. If  you want to follow the real Jayson Werth, don’t bother searching.  He’s not on Twitter as far as I can tell.

Nick Swisher @NickSwisher : Highest number of Twitter followers in MLB, Swisher’s total is near 1.32 million.  It’s easy to see why.  Swisher is known for re-tweeting fans in addition to tweeting about his wife, baseball and life in general.

DJax @DeSeanJackson10 : (Wide Receiver, Philadelphia Eagles) DeSean is know for his west coast speak on Twitter.

PaMacAfee @PatMcAfeeShow : (Punter, Indianapolis Colts) Not only did a ton of my followers mention him, but I have since started following him myself. Very funny guy with a lot of follower engagement.  I have always known who he was but I definitely feel I know him much better thanks to good old Twitter.  I’m not the only one who enjoys following Pat.  ESPN’s new Twindex has him ranked  #5, something I am sure will make him very happy.

Ryan Clark @RealRClark25 : (Free Safety, Pittsburgh Steelers) I have grown to deeply respect Ryan Clark for his play on the field and for the way he conducts himself off the field.  Clark has been very actively involved in the NFL Labor negotiations  and I find him highly intelligent.  Example? Clark tweets in nearly complete sentences.  UNBELIEVABLE!


In other news, Clark made quite a statement about teammate Rashard Mendenhall’s comments, saying, “My first reaction to it really is that social media is ruining the world.”  Clark actually quit twitter during the 2010 season because he disagreed with how people spoke to him. He later re-joined.  Do yourself a favor and follow him.  Then treat him with respect.

Heath Evans @HeathEvans : (Fullback, New Orleans Saints) Heath is well-known for his doing good and he continues to grow his efforts with his incredible twitter following.  Let’s all celebrate someone who uses his celebrity and visibility to make good and spread a positive message.  Heath also has a high follower engagement level and is known for responding to fans.

Hop on twitter and let him know how much for enjoyed seeing him battle Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take.

Brian Wilson @BrianWilson38 : (Relief Pitcher, San Francisco Giants) Brian tweets just about everything.  I’m not going to lie to you; I think this guy is a little strange.  Not in a bad way, but I am more convinced of this fact after following him on Twitter and reading his random stream of consciousness.  Also, who grows a beard like that?

Drew Brees @DrewBrees : (Quarterback, New Orleans Saints) Much like Ryan Clark, Brees has been very intimately involved in the NFL Labor negotiations, and has used his twitter to reach out to NFL fans and inform them about the lcokout.

Rajon Rondo @RajonRondo : (Point Guard, Boston Celtics) #1, I love this guy. #2, Rondo has a huge number of “likes” on Facebook (over 2.2 million “likes”), and his success on the social networking site has now leaked over to Twitter.  His facebook page is like no other athletes.  If you are a huge fan I encourage you to check it out.  As for his twitter, re is known for regularly re-tweeting fans and posting his thoughts.




About gridirongirlnextdoor

Kristine Reese is a sports fan living in New York City.

2 Responses to “The Best Athletes to Follow on Twitter”

  1. i would also add jared dudley (i love his honesty and frankness; he’ll have a TV job whenever he wants it), steve nash (just an all around awesome and funny guy), deandre jordan (his royal wedding tweets were one of the greatest moments in twitter history), and derrick williams.

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